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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead

The Change Movement Nigeria
is a social and political movement

dedicated to promoting participatory democracy, open governance,and open budgeting. The group shall continue to mobilize people in the grassroot across the country towards a united goal of citizens' political engagements in order to strengthen the democratic process of our dear country Nigeria. Human Rights, Participatory Democracy and Open Governance shall form the core of our activities as we march towards positive change. Follow us through our Facebook Page - Damilola Adegoke, Leader and Chair, Change Movement Nigeria.

What we do

Open Governance

We constantly interragotate national socio-political issues with the primary aim of getting the people activiely involved in their political destiny. Our efforts include translating the National Budget into indigenous languages, while also deploying visualisation and infographic aids to bring governance closer to the people

Civic Engagements

During the 2015 Elections, we initated a #WatchNG Project; which is a social media election monitoring campaigns where volunteers crowdsourced realtime eleciton results and report on voters behaviour in the different polling stations in their area. Volunteers sent Video and Pictures of election results and behaviours. We aggregrated these and post all data on our social media platforms.

Constitution Translations

Nigeria has a literacy rate of 59.6%. There are 40.4% Nigerians who cannot read and write. That is about 70 million people. These people are disadvantaged as they do not understand the law. We hope to bridge this gap by providing the constitution in their language. We also plan to add audio recordings for those who cannot read and write. Download the 1999 Nigerian Constitution in Yoruba and Igbo

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Nigerian Constitution in Yoruba Language [PDF and Audio]

The 1999 Nigerian Constitution is now available in Yoruba Language online and is being distributed free of charge by a reformist group, Change Movement Nigeria. Download PDF

Download Audio: [Chapter OneOri Kini], [Chapter TwoOri Keji], [Chapter ThreeOri Keta], [Chapter FourOri Kerin], [Chapter FiveOri Karun], [Chapter SixOri Kefa], [Chapter SevenOri Keje], [GlossaryAtosee]




Nigerian Constitution in Igbo is now Available

The 1999 Nigerian Consitution has been translated into Igbo language to aid active politican engagement and participation to about 32 million Nigerians who speak and understand the language. Download PDF

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